Taylor spies on Sapphire in the bath

So whilst looking at the house camera’s in the bathroom, I spotted Saphire Amore and of course Taylor MacKenzie. I say of course, because they are both wild, they are both British and they are both from the Northwest of England. I know that MacKenzie and Amore swing both ways, but what I didn’t expect is to see Taylor constantly checking the ebony babe out in the bathroom mirror. Not once, not twice or even three time, it was constantly. At first I thought it was just about one girls comparing herself to another girl, but I saw MacKenzie actually eyeing her up.

What made it even more interesting was Amore seemed to enjoy it. I have seen both girls hitting it off with other girls, and really enjoying having sexy fun with them. But, what I haven’t seen yet is these 2 babes getting it on. Well, we shall have to see about that. I have a trick up my sleeve for you. Watch this space over the next few days, and you see see those 2 beauties having a wild sexual encounter.


Taylor is a really sexy babe as you can see her in her lovely red outfit holding her whip.

She will whip you into shape and spank that naught ass of yours of you treat her right.

She’s not shy in coming forward and she absolutely loves playing up to the camera.



Sapphire is an ebony babe also from the Northwest of England, and she like to try new things. She isn’t shy, and is willing to try more or less anything once.

She’s only 19 years old and loves trying new sexual positions. But her favourite is Doggy and Cowgirl. Have you seen her porn shoot with Sotonja yet? Below is a quick taste, but there are more pics in the gallery below. I have also thrown in some sexy pics of Taylor for you too just for good measure.