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Taylor MacKenzie

This babe is a cute young 19 year old from the North of England that goes by the name of Taylor MacKenzie. A Northerner with a cute accent that is sexy on the ear. Not only does she sound sexy, but Taylor looks really hot too. she has a great shape, and I’m sure we will be seeing her in the gym quite often.

She is quite excitable, so I’m sure you will see MacKenzie running into a little trouble at some point in the house. But isn’t that what we all love about reality projects? She is like no other, and relishes the opportunity to get sexy on webcam for you in May 2018.

Taylor will be online when we launch on the 15th, and is expected to do quite well with shows. Every girl will be nervous, but I’m sure she will fit in quite well with the other girls. She enjoys doing fun things, so I’m sure the spa will take her fancy.

Being so young, she is naturally nervous about travelling abroad, but I’m sure┬áTaylor will absolutely love being a housemate from the moment she arrives. She will more than likely be involved in the outdoor games we have such as badminton, and I’m sure she will find the loungers on the outdoor decking quite appealing too.

Just because┬áTaylor doesn’t have experience in webcam and she’s young, it doesn’t mean she won’t be able to turn you on. She will be trained to a high standard, so I’m sure you will enjoys her shows when you go private with her.

Of course, attraction is important, but personality is important to most people too and Taylor has it all. I am sure she will be a great addition to the house when she arrives on the 13th of May this year, so keep an eye out for her.