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Sapphire Amore

This Northern lass goes by the name of Sapphire Amore and she is a real gem. She does not take any nonsense from anyone and she is expected to be a real live wire in the Rasputin Party Mansion. Sapphire comes on-board with us for the launch on the 15th of May and Amore will begin training on the 13th of the same month.

Even though she has no experience, she doesn’t come across as a shy girl, so she is expected to do well with us. I’m sure you will be hearing a lot about her in the blog over the next month so keep your eyes peeled for her. We will have some challenging tasks in store for Sapphire, but I have a feeling that she will be able to do them with ease.

She may even run into a few arguments with other girls along the way, so they may be good viewing too. If our expectations are right, Amore will be enjoyable to watch online, and not slow in coming forward. She may even bring us a few surprises if we are lucky. Being from the North of the UK, I’m sure you will love her accent.

Sapphire Amore will be coming with a friend, so let’s see if you can tell which one it is. Travelling to another country for the first time is going to be an eye opener for her as she is only 19. But she is up for a challenge, and not shy of having fun, so I’m sure she wil. find plenty to do while she is with us.

This girl is like a Pandora’s box, once you see what is inside, you will find a whole treasure chest in Sapphire. We are expecting lots of activity from this babe, and I’m sure that is exactly what we will all see.