Rasputin Party Boat Trip 10.06

So we decided to go a bit nuts this weekend, and instead of the Rasputin Mansion, we had the Rasputin Party Boat. Yeah, a fucking boat. Because we can!

Even thought they say Mr Johnny Depp used to hang out on that boat during the Cannes Film Festival, trust me, that deck has never seen so much crazy action and so many hot naked women at once.

Three levels on the Rasputin Party boat, endless amounts of drinks, our trademark Gorilla DJ and the dancing Horseman (not to confuse with Bojack. Our one is actually fun and successful af!).  For three plus hours we were cruising in the unexpectedly warm Baltic sea, with girls dancing and drinking like there’s not tomorrow. Best Sunday ever, if you ask me… But did we stop there? Of course we fucking didn’t! If we decide to go crazy, we go crazy all the way!

Once we got back on shore – we grabbed some more drinks, extra party gear and went straight back to the Rasputin Party Mansion for the afterparty.  More dancing, more action and a lot more nudity. Judging by the amount of registrations and purchases on the website, you guys really, really loved the show.  For those who missed it – don’t worry, there will be an epic after movie for your enjoyment.  Our aim is to keep the party going all day, every day, non stop!

As far as today goes, we just had to new girls arrive to the Rasputin Mansion, so we’re throwing them one of our crazy welcome parties. Make sure you login on the website to check out the party Live, in Full HD.  So sit tight and stay hard! Also, for daily posts, news and updates, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram


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