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Paris Lee

A girl with such a great a great sense of humour, that is Paris Lee. She speaks English, Russian, and of course, Ukranian. She loves the funny side of life, and Paris can laugh at the silly things that is going on in the world. Lee also, can be serious about the issues when the situation arises. She is a smart girl that knows what is going on in the world. When she’s drunk, she laughs and smiles a lot. Watch out for that smile guys.

Paris says that she only gets a little drunk, but what she doesn’t know is that we have plans o get her very drunk. I’m looking forward to seeing how she reacts when she’sĀ Inebriated. She is looking forward to any tasks that we throw at her, which was great when I talked to her, because I have big plans for Lee.

She mentioned how she loves getting off with other girls, so guess what? I am certainly going to put Paris with another girl for a bit of sexy fun at some point. what this space, because you will certainly see her and another girl doing something sexy at some point in the house. Lee told me how she looks forward to doing girl on girl shows, because there’s nothing she loves more than a bit of girl on girl. What really annoys her is rude people and people that just don’t have any respect for her or other people.

However, what makes Paris happy is good food and good news. When she hears something really good, she can’t help showing a massive smile on her face. But a good meal that is not full of fat or oils, makes her just as happy. She’s a massive fan of organic food. Watch this girls’ face when she’s happy, it’s like a ray of sunshine.