Official Rasputin Party Mansion Launch

So the official launch party in the Rasputin Mansion house in Estonia went off with a bang. The was a barbeque and plenty of food, and of course, tons and tons of alcohol. The girls got naked and took a skinny dip in the hot tub, and as the day progressed, the girls got more and more drunk and started to unwind. There was so much excitement in the Rasputin house all day with photo shoots, porn shoots and lots of drinking and sexy fun and the models took to this like a dildo to Taylor MacKenzie‘s vagina. One after another, the girls seemed to get off with each other. But nothing prepared us for Taylor. She is a real, genuine, bonafide lesbian orgy instigator.

There was nothing more she done all night other than get off with everyone. We have seen her getting off with more than one person, including Kylie. Here is a kiss with her and a special guest in the house.

Tia Clegg Kiss and Taylor MacKenzie


If it is lesbian action that you like, you really should see Alina Baraz and Nia Nebula who rocked the whole night with their lesbian show on the lounge sofa. They really fooled me when they said they like men, all I could see from that romp was they wanted each other so bad.


Alina and Nia Sofa Shoot



We have added a gallery for you to check out the launch party below as well as other parts of the night. There were lesbian romps, one on one sessions as well sexy baths. There’s not many parties like that; what a night! So, next time the Rasputin Mansion throws a bash, you really should be watching every minute of it. This place really puts Estonia on the sexy map by having the hottest babes in webcam.

Check out the rota of the girls which will be displayed on their profile over the coming days, and do check out the gallery below. Even if you didn’t see the party for yourself, these screenshots capture the sexy mood of the whole launch day. Once they were all drunk, it turned into a full blown orgy. See below for all other gallery pics.



Getting Ready



Party and Daytime






The Orgy


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