Launch Party Night

The time has almost arrived for the launch, and we have party planned for the girls for the first night. They will be training and practicing for 3 days, so they would have earned this special treat. We have fun and games, alcohol and sexy fun tasks in store for them. They will have no idea what tasks are planned, but it is set to be gripping. Who wouldn’t want to watch 25 hot and sexy babes, playing around and having fun. You never know, you might catch a quick glimpse of something sexy too.


We have some amazing models that are lined up for the launch from all around the world including the UK, Estonia, Spain and Romania. These girls are excited to take part in the tasks and in the competition, and they will learn every aspect of sexy webcam to provide you with the best sexy shows. So this night, is designed for them to unwind and relax and have fun. Yet, at the same time, you get to see them doing what they do best.


The drinks cooler will be stocked full, the music will be on, and the bottle will come out for a sexy game of spin the bottle. Don’t miss this, as the tasks in this game will be challenging, funny and some of them will be very sexy. We will be posting pictures and video clips of the night, so please check back soon.