Guess who has grown a tail?

We were looking around at what was going on in the house, and found that Nia Nebula has grown a tail. There’s nothing more that this girl likes than dressing up for you guys at the Rasputin Party Mansion. She has nice curves that shape her curvaceous Canadian body. She has long wavy mousy brown hair that drapes down her back. But what really caught my attention was those big black high boots.

If you watch her long enough, you may even get a glimpse of her playing with her tail like I did in this picture.

She usually rewards us with a bit of ass spanking, bending over to see her cleavage and oh my… those boots!

She seriously means business with those. Ask her to get out her whip, and she will only be too glad to give you or her a nice spanking.


Meanwhile, back in the house I saw the girls chilling out in the lounge. Look at Annika Johanson looking so damn hot. And then finally, while the girls were getting hot in the live show rooms, the girls in the lounge felt the chill. Not as warm today as other days, which is a shame because the boobies tend to come out more in the warmer weather. Check out Kylie Jackson‘s eye lash extensions below. They’re a knockout!


Meanwhile. as things were quite chilly for some of the girls, the temperature was steaming up with Nia and Alina Baraz. If I have seen her ass once, I’ve seen it a million times. She loves to play and fool around, especially with other girls. But Alina usually gets in on the action most of the time. Maybe it’s because the other girls like to work with her, or may it is just because she is such a horny, raunchy little chick lover.