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Bella Lamora

This Spanish babe is called Bella Lamora, and she doesn’t talk much but she comes alive when she gets naughty. Not only does she speak Spanish, but she also speaks English too. Bella loves the idea of playing up to the house camera’s, although Lamora doesn’t have any webcam experience. She is a man only type of girl, and isn’t interested in getting it on with other girls. However, there is always a first time for everything, so never say never!

She love drink and wine tasting and rude or bossy people really drive her crazy. Feminists really get to her too, as she doesn’t see the point in it.┬áBella is quite partial to pizza, but she does love fruit too. She is up for doing everything on webcam except for anal.

She describes herself as being a party girl, and enjoys acting the clown when she’s drunk. However, she tends to get drunk quite easily, so we will enjoy watching her drink too much and maybe showing us something that we shouldn’t see. She quite enjoys fooling around, having a crazy time and forgetting about what happened the night before. To get Bella in a party mood, simply put on a good song, and watch her dancing shoes take the floor.

This Latina hot beauty is going to be a good addition to the Rasputin Online lineup in May 2018, and is destined to be a great housemate, so keep an eye out for her. She likes acting sexy and will try anything once, except for anal. So if you like the Spanish babes, then you will love┬áBella Lamora. She’s young, beautiful and up for a challenge. She has a lovely accent too. It’s not easy to upset this girl, but we will try our best to challenge her. So, it will be fun seeing how she develops.