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Annika Johanson

A girl that takes no nonsense from anyone is Annika Johanson. She is looking forward mostly to the gym and the spa in the house, and meeting new people. Annika is friendly and can mix easily, but when people annoy her, she will let them know. Johanson likes good food and can speak English, Russia and Estonian which is her mother tongue. She is straight, but she also likes the girls too, depending on the girl and her mood. Well, Annika should enjoy the tasks we have in line for her then.

She also likes dancing and is looking forward to doing karaoke in the house, although we might end up watching her dance while other girls are singing. She’s not a heavy drinker, so we will enjoy it when she’s drunk. She doesn’t like junk food much, but she is up for anything if the moment takes her. If you like girl on girl shows, then Annika is your girl. She hasn’t done webcam before, but she is excited to trying it out and getting it on with a hot babe in the house. She is open minded and likes to read and looking forward to showing you her best assets.

Annika is happiest at a good party with easy going people, but she also love cooking, yoga, body balance all good entertainment. She loves Champagne, so we might find a few bubbles for her. Sexually, doggy is Johanson’s favourite position, but she will try anything once, except for anal. She told us that she particularly likes British accents, as it’s sexy and it turns her on.

When Annika worked as a stripper in the clubs around Europe, she really enjoyed performing on the stage as she loves showing off her body. She likes turning people on, and watching them get aroused. She is definitely no angel, and sometimes she talks too much. But she occasionally says things too quickly and offends people, and then regrets it later. But, all in all, Annika might not be a real angel, but she will bring a little heaven with her to the house.

She is single, but doesn’t like closed relationships as she is a swinger. She’s not submissive or dominant, but she does like to role play. She has sexy school girl, police, nurse, french maid, stewardess outfits too, and Annika would love to wear it in the house if you ask her nicely.